Piano students are required to have a practice instrument at home for regular practice.  If you do not currently own a suitable practice instrument, please contact me for recommendations.

A full-size digital or acoustic piano in good working condition is required for lessons. Younger children can get started on a smaller 61-key keyboard and transition to a larger instrument as they progress.  A good digital piano or a good traditional acoustic piano (I emphasize good condition, here) allows you to develop your technique more fully than a keyboard.  A good, quality instrument is critical both for development and motivation.  A poor quality instrument does not have the responsiveness to touch or tone for technique and ear development.  

If you are looking to purchase an instrument, let's talk so I can help you choose something that will be both cost-effective and practical.  

Private Lesson Rates

Annual Materials Fee $25

30-minute sessions, once per week - $120 per month

Family Discount

 2nd and 3rd Family Member - 1/2 off annual materials fee

Piano Marvel Students -  $13 per month after FREE TRIAL of Level 1

I am a Visions in Education Vendor. On-line Vouchers should be ordered prior to your first lesson.  

Gift Certificates Available

Please check-out the Virtual Piano Lessons Page for On-line Lesson Rates

A Piano Marvel membership is required for all students. After the free trial of level 1 is completed, students will need to upgrade to a premium account for access to level 2 along with the library and other premium features.  Piano Marvel is used in the studio alongside traditional lesson books.  It is also used at home for practice.  With the guidance of a qualified teacher, Piano Marvel is excellent for both children and adults and encourages more productive practice.  For assessment mode, it does require an iPad or any computer along with a digital piano or an inexpensive keyboard.  Piano Marvel also works in “book mode” so it can be used even if you are not digitally connected.  My students absolutely love it!  

Contact me or click here Piano Marvel Free-Trial to check it out and get started.  No credit card required.  

Additional Information

Your annual materials fee includes lessons books which are provided at the first lesson along with studio-licensed supplemental materials, as needed.  I also have a vast music library and a book loan program for my students. 

Recitals and performances are conducted periodically as deemed appropriate and venues become available.  Student families with pianos at home are encouraged to volunteer to host pot-luck recitals.  While I would encourage students to participate in recitals and performances, they are totally optional and never a requirement.  Additional fees for exams, auditions or recitals may be charged by governing organizations (National Piano Guild) and will be discussed in advance.

Contact Robyn at (209) 588-6641 or click here New Student Sign-Up Request to schedule lessons!