Mission Statement:

"To foster a love of learning and playing piano in a warm and friendly atmosphere while equipping each individual student with the necessary tools to become life-long musicians and music lovers."


Teaching music has been my full-time passion since 1998.  It all started when I was in kindergarten.  I visited a playmate’s home and they couldn’t keep me off their piano...it was love at first touch!  About the time I was six, after much begging, my parents rented my first piano and signed me up for lessons with a local, well-renowned pianist/teacher.  I continued lessons for several years but ended up quitting after my teacher unwittingly managed to kill the joy.  I learned the hard way that a great pianist does not necessarily make a great teacher.  Sadly, there are many performing pianists who take up teaching begrudgingly because they need to supplement their income.  I took up teaching because I love playing the piano, I love to share it with others AND I love the learning and teaching process.

The journey on the piano continued a few years later, when I picked it back up as an adult and continued my music education both on the guitar and the piano.  I studied keyboard, guitar and music theory at ARC and Sierra College.  I also took private lessons on piano and guitar.  With encouragement and a bit of prodding from two of my mentor/teachers (for whom I am eternally grateful), I enrolled in the teacher training program at Simply Music, while still studying at school.  Teaching the Simply Music program quickly became a full-time occupation.  After successfully teaching the program for a couple of years, I decided to venture out on my own because I didn't want to be locked into a program.  I wanted to be able to custom fit a program based on the varying needs of my students.  Since then, I have continued to upgrade my teaching skills by staying current with training seminars and continuing to study piano pedagogy.  In the summer of 2013, I received my teacher certification from Harmony Road Music and in the fall, I added the Piano Marvel program as an option for students.  I continue to use a variety of methods and approaches, along with good, old-fashioned fun with my students.

Whether it's a private or group class setting, I am committed to being the kind of teacher who shares the joy, inspires and is not limited to a one-size fits-all approach.  Each student is a unique individual and deserves a unique approach.  My students continue to inspire me on a daily basis.  


Accredited Simply Music Instructor (1998-2000)

Music Teachers National Association Member (2002-2009)

National Guild of Piano Teachers, American College of Musicians - Honor Roll Teacher (2008-2011)

Certified Harmony Road Music Instructor (2013-Current)

Piano Marvel Program Instructor (2013-Current)

Piano Marvel Program Certified Instructor (2018-Current)

References Available Upon Request


Enjoy spending time with family & friends; singer/songwriter on both piano & guitar, praise & worship music;  reading inspirational biographies, gardening, hiking, camping, kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, natural health and wellness, fitness training, cooking, exotic foods, learning something new...the list continues to grow and I am never, ever bored!

Student Successes

I endeavor to ensure that each student enjoys frequent successes both big and small.  Success could mean having a good practice week, mastering a difficult passage or song, learning a new style of music, overcoming performance anxiety...the list goes on.  Many of my students have chosen to participate in annual National Guild of Piano Teachers National Piano Playing Auditions and have received high marks from the Guild in both National and State exams.


Extremely patient with students and very adaptable to new situations and challenges.  I can find the humor in almost any situation and am very easily entertained!


While I am extremely patient with my students, I have been known to suffer from a tad bit of perfectionism.  I can also be a bit of a control freak (working on both).  Sometimes, I am too easily entertained and can sidetrack and get silly...is that really a bad thing?  :)

Other Info

Born & raised in the Sacramento Area, teaching full-time piano since 1998.  Moved to Amador County, Summer 2011.