On-line Lesson Program 

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If you don't live in Amador County or simply prefer the convenience of on-line lessons from the comfort of your own home, I am pleased to be able to offer an on-line, virtual lesson program for adults and children!  The program is essentially the same, except you never have to leave home! Younger children (under 10) will need a dedicated parent partner to participate during the lesson.

In addition to your instrument (digital or acoustic piano) you will need two devices*. The first device will be used to connect with your lesson. This can be a computer, smart phone or an iPad. The easiest set-up involves connecting with a smartphone orwith the camera pointed towards you sitting at the piano along with a view of your hands and the piano keys.  

Your second device is also used to join our meeting and to connect with Piano Marvel and screen share with me for demonstrations, etc. This needs to be either a computer or an iPad.  We will also use a fabulous assignment platform called Tonara, which is free for my students.  This can be downloaded for use in both your iPad AND smart phone so you can easily keep track of practice time and even record your sessions.  We will also use this platform to stay in touch between lessons, monitor assignments and even exchange recordings and videos.  

A good internet connection is also a requirement.  You will need consistent minimum download speeds of 5-10 Mbps along with upload speeds of no less than 2-4 Mbps.  

The monthly rate for lessons is $120/month for four (and sometimes five) per month, 30-minute weekly sessions. I also charge a $25 annual materials/technology fee for various apps, digital music, student incentives, etc. which I provide throughout the year in my program.  This also includes ongoing support through our assignment platform with assignment monitoring, along with audio and video support.  You will need to purchase lesson books (we will decide on which books and I will send you links) and a USB to midi connector along with an adapter for the iPad if you are using that to connect to Piano Marvel.  For Piano Marvel you can also use a computer and skip the adapter. I personally prefer an iPad because it sits flat on your piano music stand.  Piano Marvel is free to start and complete all of level 1.  Continuing students will need to upgrade to a premium account for $13/month which includes our studio discount.  

For more details and information, you can call me directly or fill out the new student request form with your contact info along with a good time to contact you.  From there, we can schedule a free 15-minute session to meet and greet and make sure your setup is working.  

Looking forward to helping you achieve your dream of learning to play the piano! 

*You can use any setup you like as long as I have the ability to see your hands on the keyboard along with the ability to screen share with you.