Piano Marvel – Premium Account Information

All students are initially enrolled in a free Piano Marvel account which includes free access to all of Level 1, along with limited access to the library.  A Premium account allows full access to SASR testing, a vast library and all levels along with the ability to track and participate in Piano Marvel competitions, so I highly recommend it and require it after Level 1 has been completed.

The cost is very minimal and worth a every penny.

IMPORTANT:  Please DO NOT sign up through the app store in your iPad.  Be sure to use the following instructions:

Go to www.pianomarvel.com from your browser, log in and follow the sign-up instructions for a Premium account. Be sure to include my last name:  McLaughlin as the assigned teacher.  As my student, you will receive a discount which will show up on the final check-out page.

If you have any questions or challenges, please feel free to contact me.


Robyn McLaughlin